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Hear what students are saying about NVision Dance! 

The lessons are a lot of fun, and the time seems to fly because of the personable instructors. Then when you think about what was covered during the lesson, you realize that you weren’t just laughing and having a good time- you learned a lot too!-Dan

I love the attention to detail given by the instructors. This makes the dance moves especially interesting rather than just going through the motions.-Denise 

We look forward to every dance lesson and greatly appreciate Kristal’s teaching. Every lesson is packed with great pointers on improving our dancing. Dance has been great marriage therapy for us!-Jeff & Kathy

I have learned more in six months from Kristal and Spencer than I did in four years at a neighboring dance studio! With their competent instruction I feel more aware of what is expected in competition and believe my level of dance is constantly improving.- Reid R. 

Dancing at Nvision has been the best experience of my life. You come for fun and it becomes your life. Lessons are a lot of dancing, a lot of laughs, and mostly a lot of fun. Spencer and Kristal are wonderful teachers and more importantly, great people. Here is a place where you learn: improve and live, in dance and in life.- Cat Levy 

Spencer has in three short months given me more than just a newfound confidence, but also a source of joy, an eagerly anticipated after work activity, and the ability to make my partner dazzle on the dance floor!- Andrew C.

Since I’ve been here at Nvision Dance I have learned so much! All of my other dance experiences in the past can’t compare to all the time, and hard work I have put into Nvision Dance. Spencer and Kristal are amazing dancers, and remarkable people. I can’t see myself dancing anywhere else but here! Plus we all rock at Nvision!-Jordy

​As one of Nvision’s competitive dancers, I greatly appreciate Spencer and Kristal’s attention to detail, technique, and performance quality. Nvision also brings in top quality professional coaches from around the world to ensure their students have top notch dance education, and we have a lot of fun!- Ragon

Spencer and Kristal are very gentle, understanding, and great teachers. Our custom wedding dance went off without a hitch and wouldnt have been possible without their special attention to our needs and honest feedback to our abilities. Thanks again guys.... You’re awesome!-Steve & Linds 

​My experience at Nvision has been one of fun and knowledge. The instructors take their time to teach and also make it fun, so you always look forward to coming back!